I’m a good screwer

Overheard on “Beauty and the Geek” this week.

Host: “Here’s the shocker, ladies, you’ll have to use your own tools to create a doggy domicile for your new pet.”
Girl1: “what is tools?” “what’s a shocker?”
Girl2: “What’s a domicile?”

Girl 1: “I can build a dog house if there’s screwing. I’m a good screwer.”

And people wonder why I love this show…

You forgot one thing…

Yeah, I know. Laser Cats had some issues. Shoddy camera-work and bad writing ruined what could have otherwise been a masterpiece of film. But Laser Cats 2 is completely different than the infantile original. It’s adult. With politics and metaphors and stuff.



Simple, easy invoicing for the rest of us


My last job involved a lot of financial management, and I’d be happy if I never had to deal with another invoice or receipt for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, since I’ve started working for myself, I have the need to create and manage invoices for my clients. If I want to get paid, that is.

I was resigning myself to the same old software, probably Quickbooks, even though it would be much more than I needed.

Then I found Freshbooks. I like to think of it as invoicing for those of us who hate invoicing. Did that sentence sound as stupid as I think it did? Regardless, Freshbooks is everything an invoicing program should be. And, best of all, it’s online.

Online financial management is a new field, and I’ve not yet found a service that beats Quicken for managing my bank accounts and personal finances. The web is cluttered with financial management services. Sadly, none of them are good enough to woo me.

When it comes to invoicing, on the other hand, there’s really only two worth mentioning: Blinksale and Freshbooks. I may be recommending Freshbooks here, but I won’t criticize Blinksale. It’s a great invoicing management service, and there’s not a lot of bad things to say about them. They’re just not the service I like the best.

Freshbooks is easy enough for a monkey to use, while having advanced functions for those who want them. Let’s get under the hood.

Invoices are as easy to make as you could ask for. You can manage multiple clients with ease, reproduce common expenses as needed, email invoices to clients and more. There’s a lot to love there, but the web invoice system for clients is my favorite. When a client gets an invoice emailed to them, they can access and print it online. If they wish to dispute it, they can easily do so in seconds. From your admin panel, you can see who has looked at your invoices, if there are any disputes and enter payments as you receive them. This makes tracking payments extremely easy. There are many other functions that I haven’t really gotten into yet, but you can check those out by visiting their site.

Freshbooks has a reasonable pricing schedule, with free accounts for those people with only one client. I happen to be in this category at the moment (working multiple contracts for the same company), so I’m still using the free one myself. When my clients grow, I’m planning to upgrade, and I’ll do so happily. In fact, as long as I’m in a position to need their service, I’ll be using Freshbooks. So should you.

Unless you don’t deal with finances and all that stuff. If that’s the case, I’m surprised you’ve read this far. Weirdo.

My rating: 5.0 stars

Download my software and I’ll kick your ass!


I’ve been looking for a good alternative to itunes, and I came across a site for a music player called Silverjuke. It seems interesting, but I choose not to download it. Why? Because the angry face on the front page scared me. He seems to be saying, “Download this software and you and me are gonna have some problems.” To quote Jerry Seinfeld, “Who are the marketing geniuses who came up with this one?”

In related news: Glue is sticky, dogs have fur and Sir Mix-a-lot likes large rear ends

In a story that should come as a surprise to no one, the New York Times has written an article stating that High-Def and Porn Films don’t exactly go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Wow. What a shocker. You mean people aren’t interested in seeing breast implant scars and ass pimples? What gives?

“The biggest problem is razor burn,” says Stormy Daniels, an actress, writer and director, adding “I’m not 100 percent sure why anyone would want to see their porn in HD.”

Well said, Stormy, well said.

This is the suckiest site of suckingness that ever sucked

So, what the fuck’s up with this site lately, you ask? Well, it’s a combination of things. Okay, it’s one thing. I’ve had a relapse of the depression I’ve talked about in the past. This makes it harder to get interested in things to post, less eager to post, and just not in the mood to be the type of blogger I want to be. I also feel like I need a better sense of focus for the site. Meaning, I feel like I’m all over the map here, and it’s not exactly conducive to quality work product. Anyways, I’m working on these things, and I think I’m making some progress, but…..I just can’t guarantee posts coming out regularly in the next few weeks. I can promise to be intermittent, but that’s all. I hope my loyal readers decide to stick around, because I’m going to get things back to normal, and I’d love you to be here when I do.
Thx - The Mgmt.